November 25, 2018

Sir, We Would See Jesus – 8th

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Sir, We Would See Jesus

John 12:20-21

November 25, 2018

Willie Shelton

I want to see Jesus! John 12:20-21

Why do I want to see Jesus?

- Seeing is not necessarily believing

- Is there a lack of faith on my part?

- Do I really just desire a closer walk, so I think seeing Him would help?

I can “see” God!

- I need to focus on the eternal, not the physical

- I can live by faith and “see”

- God will give me comprehension to see

Seeing God…

- is absolutely necessary for a closer walk

- would help me have a more Godly perspective

- can create the depth needed to endure seemingly impossible situations

“The Christmas message is that there is hope for a ruined humanity— hope of pardon, hope of peace with God, hope of glory—because at the Father’s will Jesus Christ became poor, and was born in a stable so that thirty years later He might hang on a cross. It is the most wonderful message that the world has ever heard, or will hear.”

J.I. Packer

Knowing God

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