Reopen Details

It is with great excitement and caution that we are able to announce the return of in-person worship services at Fellowship of the Rockies! As a church staff, we have spent hours discussing, praying, and thinking through the most important questions relating to reopening, and what that will look like when we do. We believe that now is that time.

Fellowship of the Rockies now has more ways and opportunities to worship than ever before!

At the 8th Street Campus

We will have two, live and in-person worship services – one on Thursday night, and one on Sunday morning. We will also continue to stream our usual Sunday morning services (9:00am and 10:30am) through Livestream and Facebook, with an additional opportunity to watch online Thursday night at 7:00pm.

Our Thursday night service will be held in the Worship Center at 7:00pm and will be broadcast live.  Church doors will open at 6:45pm, and we will have ushers to seat you based on social distancing recommendations. We do ask that you help us in our attempt to maintain those guidelines. Masks are strongly recommended for seating in the Worship Center but will be required in the Fireside Room. Service will last no longer than 50 minutes, so you will be out the doors well before 8:00pm.

On Sunday morning 8th Street will hold an outdoor family service at 9:00am in the backyard of the houses. Please bring your own camping chair or blanket to sit on because the church has a limited number of lawn chairs available. Again, please help us maintain social distancing guidelines by seating your family 6 feet apart from the next family. Masks will be optional for our outdoor service, and bathrooms will be located in the Welcome Center of our main building. For planning purposes, if you will be attending our outdoor family service, please email Cindy at [email protected] and let her know that you will be there – and how many you will be bringing.

At the Fountain Campus

We will have one live and in-person worship service on Sunday morning. We will also continue to stream our usual Sunday morning services through Livestream and Facebook at 9:00am and 10:30am.

This Sunday morning at 9:00am in our parking lot will be our live in-person worship service. Please feel free to bring your camping chair or blankets to sit on. The chairs from the worship center will be available if you so choose.  We ask that you help us in our effort to be responsible, by maintaining a 6-foot distance between families.  Masks are optional for our outdoor service, and bathrooms will be open on Sunday morning. One person can be in the bathroom at a time. For planning purposes, please email [email protected] if you plan on attending Sunday morning to let her know you will be there – and how many will be with you.

Important Details for all Campuses

Because of current social distancing recommendations, and our desire to protect our church family and surrounding community, we are taking numerous measures to ensure everyone’s safety. We will have masks and hand sanitizer available throughout our worship spaces. We will not be providing food or beverages at any of our worship meetings for now. And there will be no available children’s classes or nursery at this time. This means that any children you bring will be seated with you during service.

As guidelines change and we experience this new way of worshiping as a church, we will be flexible and respond appropriately. Things will change, but our desire is to meet the relational and spiritual needs of our church body while still respecting the recommendations of our state and local governments. Additionally, we encourage everyone to be cautious, especially if you are in a high risk category.

As we resume gathering together, we need to demonstrate a spirit of freedom and grace like never before. We need to understand that people are all in different places – and that’s okay! We need to understand that God gives freedom, and we should allow others to worship and interact in the ways that make them feel most comfortable. And we need to understand that God calls us to be gracious to one another. This is new for everyone, and so we must approach one another with love and grace above all else.

Thank you for your continued commitment to your church family. We are so excited for the things that God is currently doing at Fellowship of the Rockies. Though we stopped meeting in person, God never stopped working. He has brought us to this point, and we wait in eager anticipation to see what He has in store for our church!

We cannot wait to be with you in person or online!