Chris Awuku’s Life Change Story

My life change story at Fellowship of the Rockies is a story of family and association.

In a world today of so much pressure, stress, and distress, a sense of belonging, a place to call home, and where to go when everyone is being with family becomes an essential need.

My wife and I prayed to God when we first got to Colorado, for a church. We have no family in the entire United States and our understanding of a church is a called-out people unto our Lord. And by that we mean where we know we can find fellowship which includes our need for family relations.

When I came back from deployment, Linda gave me the news of how God led us to Fellowship of the Rockies. I came in the first day and the message of hope ministered to me. I was convinced our prayer was answered. I kept coming and God confirmed his word on issues that had bothered us for a while. I told Linda that we found a place indeed. I decided to be a son and committed to serving. My daughter wants every day to be a Sunday, so we can come to church. Christmas service was great, and I smiled all through the service.

One word that has touched me till now is when Pastor Stewart preached on connect. He said, and I quote, “What would Fellowship of the Rockies be as a church if we were loving people to the truth rather than truthing people to love.” It’s a blessing when we love people unto the truth.

Lou Taloumis’ Life Change Story

My life change story at Fellowship of the Rockies Church begins in 2004 when I retired from military service.  After 22 years of moving with the U.S. Army, this was the first church where our family has been able to serve for an extended period of time.

It has given me the opportunity to grow in spirit and commitment while serving in many ministry areas.  My family has also enjoyed the ministries and lifelong friends they’ve made at the church.  My sons were involved in the youth group and went on mission trips to Mexico and the Dominican Republic.  My wife Lori is particularly blessed to be able to serve by teaching children about Jesus in Sunday school, Vacation Bible School and is the Preschool Director.

Our Church has been so supportive in times of illness, sorrow and happiness.  In 2015, I had an extended hospital stay and appreciated the visits, prayers and care shown by the church staff and many members. The multi-generational relationships we have in our church are a blessing and encouragement.  Fellowship of the Rockies Church is a great place to do life.  Congratulations on 20 years and we look forward to many more years together.

I live and work in our local community with other Christian Dental Professionals.  Our church along with these fellow Christian Dentists went on a dental mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  This trip highlights a journey for me in that I was able to provide dentistry to a population in need.  Additionally, my wife Lori travelled with our group to train teachers in skills needed to teach the children and families in their community about Jesus.  She taught a Bible story and had activities for our patients while they waited for their dental treatment.  My son Michael, then a senior in college at the time, assisted me the entire week.  It was the first time he was a part of providing dental care with his father and the other dentists on the trip.  He now is a senior dental school student and will graduate in May and enter the US Army where he’ll serve for four years as a dentist.

Wait, there’s more.  Through our church and a ministry called “One Child Matters”, we sponsored two brothers who had no parents and were being raised by their grandmother in the city that we were providing dental care in the Dominican Republic. How cool is that? We had met the two boys when they came for dental treatment one afternoon.  What was truly amazing is that we met the three of them early the next morning (6am) as we were getting off our bus for breakfast.  This encounter was entirely set up by God.  Nobody could make this happen.  We were able to plan a visit at their home that afternoon. We also were able to plan further dental treatment that was needed for both boys. Their grandmother died recently and both boys were taken away to live with other family members. We pray that God touched their lives while they were part of the mission and that they will remember the experience with us as we had the chance to show them God’s love. It was a very special life experience as you never know when God will need you.

I have been blessed by other experiences in my walk with the Lord at Fellowship of the Rockies Church.  I am a committed church member.  I have served as a Trustee, Sunday School Assistant, Greeter, and Dishwasher for the meal served on Wednesday nights.  I tell Pastor Stew all the time that the best ministry at the church is serving on Wednesday nights.  It’s a great family night and chance to connect with people and share in a meal together.  I have connected and made new friends in our small group study.  It’s special to have friends of all ages.  A connection enhancement is my wife Lori’s pre-school ministry.

Lori presented a plan for the pre-school ministry 10-years ago.  The church board of trustees approved her plan and she started the pre-school 9-years ago with one class of eight 3 and 4-year olds.   Today, there are two separate 3 and 4 year old classes.  This ministry has reached so many families at our church and in our community. Lori has appreciated all of the children and families who she has had the privilege of serving.  Lori is also involved in ministry by teaching 3 year olds in Sunday School and teaching hundreds of children over the years in Vacation Bible School.

Our family is not without setbacks.  In that respect, we have life events like everyone else.  Lori lost her mother a few years ago and received great comfort from our friends and church staff at Fellowship of the Rockies.  I had a lengthy hospital stay (30-days) and I appreciated the prayers and visits from the church staff, church members and friends.  During that time I was certainly wondering if I would get well and what purpose God had for me after recovering from this long illness.  I would say that I have been enlightened by what I see God doing in the lives of people at Fellowship of the Rockies.  Celebrate the Journey to borrow from Pastor Stew.