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David and Amanda's Life Change Stories

David's Life Change Story

My life change story at Fellowship of the Rockies is a journey of transformation.  It began at 22 years old, newly married and newly employed, fresh out of an engineering college, in a new place far away from all we knew.  Without realizing what we were doing, my wife, Lindsey, and I did the “leave and cleave” to the extreme without knowing what a blessing it would be in our marriage and walk with God.   Neither Lindsey nor I had deep roots in Christian families.  I occasionally attended church as a teenager after my father had what I considered at the time an “extreme conversion.”  Lindsey grew up in a divided household where legalistic issues kept her bouncing between her parents’ churches.  She was determined that we find a church we both felt comfortable in and an internet search led us to visit Fellowship of the Rockies, just a few weeks after moving to Colorado Springs. 

We planned to attend the first service at Fellowship of the Rockies but were immediately greeted by Ralph and Jimmie Bohannon who drew Lindsey in with their big smiles and southern accents.  Before I knew it, we were staying for their young married class after service.  The Bohannon’s made us feel like they genuinely cared that we were there. They were welcoming, kind, and interested in us and our story.  Although before that morning we had planned to visit more churches in the Springs during the next few weeks, on the drive home we made plans to return the following Sunday.  Before we knew it, FOR was our family away from home.  The church gave us as a young couple, and soon to be young family, Christian mentors, Christian relationships as role models, and friendships that will last a lifetime.  

I can’t pinpoint a moment of conversion, but God has worked in my heart and my life over time.  It was at Fellowship of the Rockies that I heard life-changing truths and got to know Jesus.  I grew from unknowing to believing and choosing baptism, from doubting the Bible to trusting it and living by it, my anger and guilt was replaced by peace and forgiveness.  Participating in Bible study groups led to leading them, attending church turned to serving the church and I learned to trust God with my time and resources.  My responsibility as a spiritual leader for my family was made clear.  

The reality is that I have been completely transformed by the grace of God because of the church he led us to.  I will be forever grateful for Fellowship of the Rockies and look forward to continuing to watch my family grow in the Lord at FOR.


Amanda's Life Change Story

My life change story at Fellowship of the Rockies is a story of family.  FOR means having a church family daily, which is essential as a single mother.  I can no longer imagine life without the ladies Tuesday morning Bible Study, the AWANA kids on Wednesday and the many Women's Ministry events that are available to me.

I went from feeling alone, angry, and lost to having a sea of familiar faces every Sunday morning.  I know I have people praying for me by name when I'm facing serious life challenges with my special needs child. People who aren't afraid to ask me how I'm really doing, even when I say I'm fine.  God used FOR to reach me where I was and bring me to a place where I belong.  I know now, I belong to a faith family, that cares for me and my boys. 

The greatest joy I get from being a part of FOR is the passion for Christianity that my three boys have come to incorporate in their lives. My 9-year-old, Zander, looks forward to Sunday School all week and relishes recounting the lessons. My 11 and 12-year-old sons, Xavier and Gabriel, have made it a point to find new ways that they can serve the church in any capacity possible.  They are constantly asking if there is anything going on that they can be a part of at the church. 


For my family, FOR is family!