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Cyndy and Shelly's Life Change Stories

Cyndy Sherwood’s Life Change Story

My life change story at Fellowship of the Rockies is a story of ministry and family. Being able to worship together with 3 generations is my joy. Our daughter, Bree and her husband Kris are members here as well as Bryan’s sister, Joy, and her husband, Andres. I love being here as a family. And now I get to watch my grandchildren grow up spiritually and learn about Jesus here. One of my favorite memories is baptizing Amelia, and watching Gideon’s daddy baptize him. I’m sure Elijah will be next.

My story, however, is also one of ministry. My class, Healing Journey, was looking for a new home, when Stewart welcomed me here. He said he wanted FOR to be an outreach to the community, and Healing Journey was a great t for that. It wasn’t long before Bryan and I began attending here. That was 15 years ago.

During that time, His Healing Light Ministries grew from a simple, local class, to a ministry with a national impact. FOR has been constantly supportive and a foundation for the growth that God brought to us. We soon became a nonprot, formed a Board of Directors, on which Stewart serves, and took o. Today we have had over 7,000 students take the Healing Journey. And we’re still growing. 

As in every person’s life, not everything is roses and picnics. When we had been here only a short time, our daughter took her own life. She was only 19. I don’t need to explain this was a horric time for our family. But, again, Stewart, and FOR were right there, supporting us all the way, carrying us through that difficult season.

One other part of the church that is extremely important to me is my relationships with other women. Even though I am a Bible study teacher, I still attend Bible study here because I need these connections with women, to walk with them, and do life together. It keeps me going in ministry.

I can’t say enough about the importance of being a part, a significant part, of a church. It is a necessary aspect of living the life God asks us to live. And I happen to think FOR is a great choice for a home base.


Shelly Burson’s Life Change Story

My life change at Fellowship of the Rockies is a story of Faith. Faith in God’s love and faith in the knowledge that He is in control. I lost my husband a short time ago and since then, I have been reminded, daily, of God’s unceasing love for me through my family, through my friends and through my church family. The outpouring of love and support from this community has been a true blessing. Since losing Bill, my faith in God has only gotten stronger. God’s love gives me peace.

Bill and I have attended Fellowship of the Rockies for approximately 14 years. During those years, we have made countless friends and have become part of a community: a community whose actions reect God’s love and mercy.

We both have been blessed to be surrounded by many friends and many opportunities to fellowship through the various service projects we have both done. We have fed the homeless, helped build a house in Juarez, lled the back of our vehicles with candy for Halloween, and the list goes on.

The biggest test of my faith has come over the last few years and God’s love has surrounded me. My faith is an essential part of my life journey. My faith has given me strength and hope in the midst of tragedy.

My faith grows every day.