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Our Mission

FOR Kids Ministry is committed to providing a safe, loving, caring and fun environment where children participate in age appropriate Worship and  learn Bible-based lessons that  reinforce the  values of a Christ-centered family.

Babies & Toddlers (0 - 3 YEARS)

Available Sunday mornings. Our loving and caring volunteers are committed to nurturing your children. The activities in this area include music, playing and reading to your children as well as a Bible lesson and play time.

Security Tags 

It is our priority to make every effort to ensure a safe and healthy environment for every child in our care. To do this, we use a security tag system. When you check in your child, you are given a 2-part tag with a specific number on it. The child portion is to be placed on the outside of their clothing in a visible place. The two-part parent portion has two purposes: First, to inform parents if their presence is needed in the nursery. If this is the case, the number on our tag will be displayed on the overhead screens in the main sanctuary. Secondly, this tag is required in order to pick up your child after service. The teachers will ensure the child and parent tags have matching numbers before allowing anyone to remove the child from the classroom.


Upon arrival in the FOR Kids Ministry area, please visit our visitor check-in station.  We will have you complete a form including allergy and special information about your child.  Your child will be given a name tag.  Kindergarten through 5th grade children will then enter the “Worship” area to join in the singing. Preschoolers will go directly to their classroom. Children can be picked up from the appropriate classrooms in the FOR Kids Ministry area.  

Preschool: 3-5 year olds  

Preschoolers will participate in a group time that includes music, singing and a Bible-based lesson. An activity or craft is also provided to reinforce the lesson. Play time is incorporated to encourage exploration and relationships.  Our volunteers are committed to praying for, teaching and loving your children. 

K-5th Grade   

Elementary age students enjoy a whole group Worship time as well as a small group, age-appropriate Bible lesson and activities that teach about God, how to walk in relationship with Him, and how to love others. We are committed to presenting a Bible-based curriculum that emphasizes God and the wonders He has done.


Join the FOR Kids Team

There's no way we can serve without our FOR Kids Team of volunteers, especially when it comes to growing and shaping our young men and women of Christ. It takes all of us — that includes you! We're thankful you want to partner with us by serving your fellow believers. Whether you want to be in front of the children or behind the scenes, we have opportunities that match your gifting and desire.

Please fill out the form below so we know how to best connect you.                  

FOR Kids Volunteer Application


The Safety of your child is of utmost importance.  Exit doors are locked and monitored throughout each service by our Service and Life Safety team.